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MASKING TAPE!  ( I shouted that )

I have this obsession with MT Masking Tapes (also commonly known as Washi Tapes or Japanese Tape). I could stick them on just about everything – my stationery, diary, smashbook, parcels, letters, my iphone – EVERYTHING.

The best thing about it is you can get loads of different designs from Notemaker. I have managed to purchase a few different designs over the last little while….. 🙂

Notemaker also sell some awesome notepads, journals, rubber stamps, pens and pencils.. Oh my. I’m feeling the love! For us stationery addicts, Notemaker really hits the spot – there is LOADS to choose from.

Some of the items that I have bought from Notemaker are;

  • masking tape ♥
  • moleskine journal ♥♥
  • MMMG Stickers ♥♥♥
  • a thingy that holds my pen on the side of my journal (I’m so descriptive!) ♥♥♥♥
  • pink & white and black & white twine ♥♥♥♥♥

and the list goes on…..

Must keep this short and sweet,

xx michelle xx




Don’t you think it’s ironic that I begin my first blog post about someone elses stationery??

Lets face it though – Kikki K rocks. If you have never visited a Kikki K  and you love stationery – you are missing out… Ok – so not all of you live near a store BUT they do have an online store too…. I have ordered from them and they are pretty darned awesome. Aaaanyway – I got off track there for a minute….

So I’m going to tell you about their stickers. I visited their Westfield Carindale store yesterday and was waaaay too tempted to buy their stickers. My gosh – they have some awesome ones – you can stick em in your diary or use them in your smash book or just stick them on random people as they walk by I suppose. If you are like me, you will probably keep them all pristine in their packaging….. Nerd. (me, not you!)

Oh and dont let me get started on their diaries and notepads and ipad covers and organisation folders and cute pens and pencils and stamps… SHEESH the list goes on….

I was going to buy a number of items from the store – but it’s hard for me as I can MAKE most of the items that they sell. I cant bind them like they do – but I can use my wire binder I suppose….

I go in to these stores for inspiration – check out whats hot and popular in the whole stationery world…. I checked out Smiggle too – they have these erasers there that smell good enough to eat…. They probably don’t taste too fantastic though…… Hmmmmm.

Next store to visit is Typo – they too have an online store and I check that out all of the time. I love their stuff. Love it….

Until next time stationery lovers…..


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